Rebel Alliance implements Crisp DNA


We wanted to be a very different kind of consultancy company, with different values and a different way of behaving. Turns out were weren't the only ones. We actually found a company who shared our values. We decided we should ask them for advice, when we heard their story it was clear they had already made many of the mistakes we wanted to avoid. They very kindly provided us with the means to bootstrap our new company, Rebel Alliance, in the form of Crisp DNA.

It turned out they were more enthusiastic than we anticipated, they not only helped us, but created an open source framework for all other who come after us to do the same.

Their openness and support have been truely inspiring! For that we are very grateful.

No employees, no profit

We are a company without employees and bound not to make a profit. We are a home for independent consultants, a place where we can build a company and a culture without giving away large parts of what we work so hard to earn and limiting our freedom to do good work. » Details

Core values

Our consultants are chosen, by our members, based on their quality and values rather than assignments that need to be filled at this exact moment. We value: unity, freedom, excellence, craftsmanship and good citizenship. » Details

Mission and vision

Our mission is to provide all the benefits of a larger company without the drawbacks, building long lasting relationships between our members and clients, and to improve the consultancy market in Göteborg to the benefit of not just ourselves but the entire business community. » Details

But then again, we're rebels...

At Rebel Alliance we have in some form or another implemented all of Crisp DNA's "Core structure and practices". However, we are still small and just starting out. For those reasons we feel that some of the structure adds unnecessary overhead; at least at this time.

This is what we've left out:

Some clients

ComHem Ericsson Nethous Informator
Trafikverkets Förarprov Jeppesen Mobily Visionael
Lavasoft GoCityGöteborg HP Volvo