Beyond Estimates

with Woody Zuill

Why are we so challenged at estimation? Are estimates for cost, time, or effort always needed? Is it possible there are other ways to approach our work? If we didn’t estimate, how could we still be successful at making businesses successful?

In this session we’ll participate in some interactive information gathering exercises to see if we can gain a shared idea of our current understanding of the purpose and use of estimates. We will examine the nature of software development projects and explore some real data to shed light on the art and science of software estimation. Our exploration goal is to see if we can work together to come up with some ideas about improving on the traditional approaches to using estimates.

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Learning Outcome

  • Gain an understanding of the purpose and use of estimates.
  • Understand some of the issues with using estimates
  • Learn some of the reality of estimation and how we continue to fool ourselves
  • Discover ways to work without estimates


  • Duration: 1 day.
  • Participants: 5-20 individuals, happy to share and learn.
  • Cost: 40 000 SEK excl VAT.
  • Venue: in-house or separate venue.

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