Hello! My name is Fredrik Wendt I am a passionate, technical agile coach who loves working with people, helping them find their next step.


I am a tech person, that knows a thing or two about Professional Scrum. I love getting my hands dirty and thrive where Continuous Delivery makes all things tech, culture, process and people come together in wonderful complexity.

I get things done by inspiring others, so they voluntarily join my quests and I can move on to the next battle.

I love the art of facilitation, creating environments where individuals transcend and gain insights, outcomes and experiences far beyond what was expected.


While difficult to perform, my role is easy to describe. I help individuals, teams, and organisation to improve themselves.

I love moving from actual programming to designing workshops and evaluating processes. I challenge most everything in order to find what's needed and what can be improved.

I teach, coach and facilitate from "the back of the room", which results in better engagement by all participants, increased and sustained learning, and also meaning the group not depending on me for results or "staying the path" in the future.



I worked mainly with the Gothenburg site, trying to influence what the concept of a "team" is: how it impacts the daily work of it's members, responsibilities within and towards one another. This I did through workshops, off-sites and regular conversations, in group but also one-to-one. I was especially glad to take part in discussions around diversity and inclusion.


I'm a Professional Scrum Trainer, licensed to teach most Scrum.org classes, and I steward the Scaled Professional Scrum class. I engage with this excellent international network of Scrum and all things agile experts, which aim to improve the profession of Software Delivery.

Jeppesen Systems AB

I worked as a Product Owner of a DevOps support team. This means I provided a strong vision of where to go, made sure it was clear enough so I could stay out of solving details and have the team run on its own more or less independent of me. We invested heavily in getting to work as true team, improving our craftsmanship and trying to lead by example in the wider organization.

The goal was to come as close as possible to Continuous Delivery. I'm super proud of how well the team worked when I left this assignment.

Inteleon, SMS Park

Inteleon's market share grows rapidly and I primarily focused on showing benefits of mob programming (by doing it with one team for several weeks), share my view on how the system should evolve in order to sustain the increased transaction load.

This involved a lot of infrastructure as code, with tools such as Vault, GoCD, Docker, all running on Amazon Web Services EC2, ECC, Lambda and other services.

Telia Company

I was brought in on a team struggling with just that: being a team. While I also provided a technical vision for the future, we gradually moved from carefully crafted snowflakes to containerized application deployments. We .

While my role shifted heavily during my time with Telia, I'm mostly proud of the impact I had on changing the culture of the team I worked with.

Informator Utbildning Svenska AB

For the past several years I have been providing agile teaching and coaching services on behalf of Informator Utbildning Svenska AB.

During this time I have worked with hundreds of people on their paths to increased agility.

Some clients

ComHem Ericsson Nethous Informator
Trafikverkets Förarprov Jeppesen Mobily Visionael
Lavasoft GoCityGöteborg HP Volvo